Jamey Johnson performs on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time.

“Dreams do come true” – That was the first thing Jamey Johnson said when he was asked what it was like to play the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. With a brand new CD about to be released on BNA Records, Jamey has long been respected in the Nashville community as one of the "up and coming" stars in country music and standing on that "Circle Of Wood" that Opry Legends AND Epiphone endorsees such as Loretta Lynn and Ernest Tubb have stood before him was a sure sign that the "up and coming" label can now be removed!

Jamey's first single, “The Dollar” is already receiving an overwhelming amount of airplay across the country and is one of the songs that Jamey wrote on his 1995 Epiphone EJ200CE. The guitar which he affectionately named “Ole Maple” has been Jamey's constant companion on his ten year path to stardom and it was only fitting that it be the guitar to share the spotlight at Jamey's first Opry gig.

"I love this EJ-200CE and I've also recently received a Masterbilt EF-500RA. That Masterbilt kicks ass and I take it with me everywhere I go. Sometimes it's nice to give “Ole Maple” some time off at home, ‘cause I’m afraid something might happen to it” .

Plugging in "Ole Maple" on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

Jamey receiving a Masterbilt EF-500RA from Gibson President Dave Berryman (left) and Epi representative Will Jones. (right).


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