Guitar Buyer Magazine, one of the UK's hottest guitar publications, interviewed the legendary Les Paul in the September 2006 issue. During the interview, Les talks about his first guitar, his famous Epiphone solidbody prototype and how he feels about the line of Epi Les Pauls. Here's a peek at what he had to say:

GB: The "Log" (Les's famous solidbody prototype) came later?

LES: By 1941 people were beginning to accept the electric guitar. The guys at Epiphone let me use the factory on Sundays. By now I was working five times a week, coast-to-coast on NBC with my electric guitar, and Epiphone was curious to see what I was doing. That's where I built the Log.

GB: What is your opinion of the Epiphone Les Pauls?

LES: I think they are great! To stay in business, Gibson needed to compete with the foreign imports. I suggested they use the name Epiphone. They said, Epiphone is history. I said the name and reputation isn't gone. You can sell that market with a fine guitar at a lower price.

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