Epiphone is pleased to announce the new Blues Custom 30 Guitar amplifier. Designed and engineered in the USA by Gibson, the amp features an ALL TUBE signal path and Tube Rectifier for the ultimate in pure tone. Check out these features:


Two distinct channels share the specially designed 3-Band EQ while the Overdrive Channel is equipped with an additional Mid control allowing the player to dial in that soulful sweet spot.


The 3-Band EQ is selectable between Independent and Interactive mode and the amp features a tube powered, transformer driven, spring Reverb.


The Blues Custom 30 offers the player both 30W Class AB (Pentode Mode) or 15Watts Class A (Triode Mode) at the flip of a switch.


A low noise fan was incorporated into the design to make sure the amp and tubes stay cool.


Multiple speaker output jacks give a variety of extension speaker cabinet options.


16GA steel chassis construction with folded and spot welded corners and a sturdy, 11-ply Birch cabinet with metal protective corners ensures this amp will hold up on any size tour.


When developing the Epiphone Blues Custom 30, speaker selection was one of our top priorities. For that task the Gibson USA Design Team turned to the experts at Eminence and the result is a completely new speaker called “Lady Luck”. This speaker was specially designed by Eminence to enhance the great tone and features of the Epiphone Blues Custom 30.


Check with your favorite Authorized Epiphone Dealer and arrange a test drive of the Epiphone Blues Custom 30 today. CLICK HERE to find a dealer in your area.

Questions? ampacademy@gibson.com


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