Happy Birthday SlashEpiphone wishes Slash a very happy birthday today. The Les Paul warrior turned 48 and with a great touring band, a new film company about to break through, and new music on the way, can a new guitar be far behind?  Check out the soundtrack on PledgeMusic.

“As a co-producer of both the motion picture Nothing Left To Fear and the soundtrack to the film, I’ve been heavily involved in every step of the creation of both the film and the score," wrote Slash.

"I’ve decided to make this soundtrack exclusively available on PledgeMusic as a way to gain a more personal interaction with you guys, the fans. I am a huge fan of horror films ever since I was a little kid in England, and now I’m excited to share the process of what goes into creating projects like this.

Anyone who pledges will not only have access to behind the scenes interviews, early looks at soundtrack art, and exclusive signed items, but you will also have access to a live chat where I’ll answer some of your questions about the film, the score, and everything that’s been happening along the way.

As a bonus, we’re going to give you one song from the soundtrack as soon as you pledge.” – SLASH  iiii]; )’

Happy Birthday, Slash!  Keep rockin'!