Meet Your Favorite Epiphone ArtistYou can find Epiphone artists in every genre of music and it's been our distinct pleasure over the years to interview many of them.  For longtime Epiphone fans and new fans who are just discovering the world of bass and guitar through Rocksmith 2014, here are a few interview highlights you might enjoy.

Gary Clark Jr. is the most exciting new artist of 2013 but in reality, Gary has been paying his dues for over a decade.  The Austin, Texas native has the admiration of Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews, and many others.  It is a rare night you don't see Gary on stage with an Epiphone Casino. caught up with Gary for a brief chat before he took to the stage at the 2013 Crossroads Festival.

Joe Bonamassa stopped by Epiphone to talk about his signature model Les Paul Gold Top, his favorite artists, and how to make the most of your Les Paul.

We've had several conversations with Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance about both his career and his signature Wilshire Phant-o-matic, which helped put the venerable vintage classic back on the map.

Brendon Small is the co-creator and comedic--and musical--imagination behind Dethklok, the virtual metal band featured in the hit animated program produced by Adult Swim, Metalocalypse. Only Epiphone could produce a guitar worthy of "the world's greatest cultural force." spoke with Small about the enigmatic Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Dethklok's devoted fans, and Dethklok's pre-studio rituals.

Earlier this year we spoke with Tommy Thayer of KISS about his incredible "Spaceman" Les Paul Standard and his long and storied history with KISS starting out as a songwriter, video director, and finally a full-member of the (we hope) future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame quartet.

Pokey LaFarge is a non-stop touring and writing dynamo. Born in Illinois, he now calls St. Louis home.  His first album on Third Man Records has put Pokey on the front page of Rolling Stone, NME, and many other first rate music mags. Pokey's new and spectacular mix of blues, hillbilly, folk, and gospel is setting a new standard.  Read our interview to hear more.

Brian Ray has been playing with Paul McCartney almost longer than any of The Beatles.  Brian has a storied history himself. He started out as Etta James' bandleader.  But today he holds down both bass and guitar duties for Macca.  Epiphone spoke with Brian just before the release of McCartney's latest album, New.

Multi instrumentalist Fats Kaplin has been one of Nashville's busiest session musicians for over a decade.  But his background is in the magical world of pre-war stringband music.  Today, Fats is the near exclusive string-band-man for Third Man Records while also making albums of his own. spoke with the master chess player while on tour with Jack White.

Farmer Jason was once the most feared frontman in rock and roll when he led Jason and the Scorchers.  No record exec's drink was safe when Jason started walking the tables and howling a honky tonk number by Roy Acuff or Hank Williams. Today, Jason is an Emmy award winning performer of children's songs and he's reinvented the genre yet again, teaching kids about the power of conservation and farming.  Jason was one of the first endorsers of the new Epiphone in the early 90s.  Read all about it.

For new bass players making their way through Rocksmith 2014, check out the inspiring story of Jack Casady who rocketed to fame with Jefferson Airplane and went on to design the Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass, which has turned out to be the standard for rock and roll bass played not only by Casady but Dave Grohl, Brian Ray, The Stone Roses, and Dominic Davis of Third Man Records to name a few.

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