What better way to recover from the holidays than to stare at Epiphone guitars all day! Premier Guitar just published a very cool feature on the revival and transformation of a '74 Crestwood.  Vintage Epiphones from the '70s are rarely given much notice but this particular workhorse needed an upgrade and got a great one.  Check out the story as the Crestwood comes back to life.  Their only mistake? They should have outfitted the Crestwood with ProBucker pickups.  Read the story here.

If you're looking for a new Crestwood that feels like a vintage original, you can still find the 1962 50th Anniversary Ltd. Edition Crestwood, probably the best one ever made. Featuring re-designed Epiphone mini-humbuckers, an improved Tremeotone™ Vibrato, and Wilkinson™ Vintage tuners.  Read all about it here.