Tone Quest Looks at the Epiphone ES-335 PRO

Be sure to check out the June 2014 issue of The Tone Quest Report. A review of the Epiphone ES-335 PRO is included on page 6. Here's what Tone Quest had to say:

"Our review of the cherry Epiphone DOT 335 in the September 2013 issue inspired many of you to throw down $399 and discover just how good the Epiphone 335 really is. We are still enjoying ours, and yes, it remains one of the best 335s we have ever owned on all counts."

"…the Limited Edition 335 PRO offers an upgrade to the DOT 335 with the same exceptional playability, finish, 3-ply maple/birch construction, and the added versatility of Epi Alnico Classic humbuckers with coil taps for push/pull single coil tones."

"Basically, you get the tones of two guitars in one, and for anyone tasked with playing a wide variety of styles in a cover band, the Epiphone PRO could well be the ultimate workingman's tool. Perhaps that's why they call it the PRO…"

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Tone Quest Looks at the Epiphone ES-335 PRO