Joe Bonamassa Scores Best Blues Guitarist Award

Congratulations to Epiphone signature artist Joe Bonamassa who was just named Best Blues Guitarist in the 2015 Guitar World Readers Poll. Grabbing a whopping 51.33% of the vote, Bonamassa continues to expand his fan base worldwide and establish himself as one of the blues greats.

And the release of the new Epiphone Ltd. Ed. "2015" Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard w/ Bigsby® Outfit is cause for celebration here at Epiphone as well. Joe's long friendship with Epiphone has now resulted in three signature Les Pauls and his enthusiasm for the House Joe Bonamassa Scores Best Blues Guitarist Awardof Stathopoulo ("everything Epiphone has sent me is just great") has made him seem like our own hometown hero.

Here's an excerpt from a recent interview we did with Joe.

Congratulations on your new Epiphone Signature model, Joe. What influenced the new direction?

Jim Rosenberg (Epiphone President) and I talked about doing something different for our third signature guitar. I'm a fan of the 5-speed transmission. I love a Bigsby®. So we talked about doing a different color this time-- more of a British racing green or an Inverness Green. And the way it came out sort of reminds me of a Jaguar green. We've had such a great success with these Epiphone guitars and I thought it would be good to have something with a Bigsby, not just the standard "Joe B Les Paul" model in a different color. I wanted something that played great and could add to the value without too much of an added expense and you know... make it cooler!

Have you had used it on the tour?

Yeah I've been using it on the road. It's really, really good. It sounds great. All the Epiphones I've received have been really, really consistent. What I see of the Epiphones based on the ones in my own collection and what I see at the "meet & greets" after the shows is that the weight is pretty much right-on. Obviously you can't control the trees (laughs). The neck shape is happening, too. They sound great. It's been a great partnership.

Be sure to read the entire interview here and check out the Epiphone Limited Edition "2015" Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard with Bigsby here.