ToneQuest Reviews The Elitist Les Paul Standard and Inspired by Casino

The October 2015 issue of The ToneQuest Report takes an in-depth look at both the Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard and the Epiphone Inspired by "1965" Casino. Both guitars received favorable reviews from the TQ staff. Here's a peek at what they said about the Elitist Les Paul Standard:

ToneQuest Reviews The Elitist Les Paul Standard and Inspired by Casino"The finish color (although not nitro), top figure and general quality of maple and mahogany are fully comparable to any guitars made by Gibson."

"The Elitist is made with a highly figured spruce top, mahogany, and our guitar feels like a Gibson in every regard, from the '59 neck shape to the excellent fret work and perfect set up."

"Tonally, the Elitist sounds very good indeed, bright and full on the bridge pickup, full, bright and rich with both pickups combined, and adequately bassy with good treble definition on the neck pickup."

"The Elitist plays smooth and easy with a great feel along the length of the fingerboard and good vibrations generated from pick attack. The fret work is excellent, and the bone nut has been expertly cut. Like us, you'll find yourself wondering how $750 can add up to such a top notch player that sounds so good right out of the solid Elitist Case."

"Overall, the Elitist Les Paul is an excellent guitar, very playable, toneful and satisfying, and at $799, a real bargain among what we consider to be exceptional Les Paul models."

ToneQuest Reviews The Elitist Les Paul Standard and Inspired by CasinoMoving on to the Epiphone Inspired by "1965" Casino, here's what they said:

"Fit and finish are flawless throughout and the guitar plays extremely well. The sunburst is perfectly applied and the fret work is outstanding."

"The Epiphone Casino is entirely equal to any USA-made guitar, and why would we say that if it weren't true? You support TQR, not the guitar companies..."

"...the sunburst finish is flawless, the USA made P90 pickups are outstanding, the medium-jumbo fretwork is excellent, the Grover tuners are very good, and the single part subject to the most wear - the input jack, is a USA-made Switchcraft."

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