Go PRO-1!

Since the release of the Epiphone PRO-1 Collection™ in 2014, PRO-1 guitars have become the ultimate "first" instrument for beginners around the world. Today, the PRO-1 Collection not only includes traditional dreadnought acoustic guitars but the PRO-1 Les Paul Jr. and Explorer Performance Packs featuring Rocksmith® as well as a family of PRO-1 classical guitars.

All PRO-1 guitars have been designed by pros to be easy to play and include innovations like the EZ-Profile™ shorter scale neck, smooth PRO-Ease™ string and fingerboard coating, and easy to push-down JumboPRO™ frets that make learning guitar fun, fast, and a fulfilling experience you'll want to return to again and again.

Award winning guitarist, composer, and producer Bryan Aspey is a longtime friend of Epiphone and one of our favorite instructors when it comes to talking about guitars and how to play them. Check out Bryan's Epiphone PRO-1 demonstration video to learn more about why the PRO-1 is changing the way people are learning guitar. And though the PRO-1 is the ultimate first guitar for beginners, there are plenty of pros out there that love the PRO-1, too. Visit an Authorized Epiphone Dealer near you to try out a PRO-1 today!