Give the Gift of Music May 14

This year for Mother's Day instead of giving Mom a tired old box of stale chocolates or hot house roses from a grocery store, give the gift of music that will last a lifetime. How about a superb instrument from the House of Stathopoulo's incredible range of mid-size acoustic guitars like the innovative PRO-1 Classic or the historic and critically acclaimed Masterbilt Century Olympic based on Epiphone's legendary archtops the 1930s. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today for the best deals on these and all Epiphone instruments.

Legendary small-body archtop

The Masterbilt Century Olympic is from Epiphone's new critically acclaimed archtop collection inspired by the first generation of Epi archtops made in New York City during the Big Band era. The Olympic features a Solid Spruce Top with Longitudinal Bracing and the incredible Sonic™ HD Preamp/NanoFlex™ HD pickup for true acoustic sound when plugged in. The Olympic also features a recreation of the original tuners as well as the Art Deco era headstock inlay design... read more

Like the Olympic, the Masterbilt Century Zenith (round soundhole) and Zenith Classic (classic f-hole) are based on Epiphone's original archtops from the 1930s. The Century Zenith is slightly larger than the Olympic but still smaller than a full-size archtop. Featuring a Solid Spruce top, Ebony fingerboard with 30s era inlay on the neck and headstock, historic tuners, bone nut, and true Acoustic Sound with Sonic™ HD Preamp/NanoFlex™ HD pickup... read more

Mahogany Top and Sonitone™ and the Sonicore preamp

The Epiphone Ltd. Ed. EL-00 PRO Mahogany Acoustic Electric is available in two beautiful finishes, Mahogany and Vintage Sunburst, and both feature a warm-toned Mahogany top. The EL-00 PRO Mahogany Acoustic/Electric can trace its roots back to the first golden age of Epiphone "flattop" guitars in the 1930s. Though smaller in size than a standard dreadnought, EL-00 has considerable punch and volume and is perfect for solo singers or just playing around the house. Featuring the state of the art Fishman™ Sonitone™ and the Sonicore™ pickup system for true acoustic sound when plugged into an amp or PA... read more

1960s Folk classic

Fifty years go in 1957, Epiphone joined the Gibson Family of Brands and set up shop along side Gibson its longtime factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan that saw the birth of the Les Paul and Epiphone Casino. The Caballero was one of the first new "modern" acoustic guitars designed and built at the historic factory and fit right in with the times as the folk music era was taking off. Though the Caballero stayed in production through the next decade, the 1964 Caballero in particular has long been a player's and collector's favorite.

The Ltd. Ed. "Inspired by" 1964 Caballero is a full-bodied "singer's guitar" that has a punchy midrange. Its compact size makes both picked runs and driving rhythms stand out with a sharp, focused tone that's never boomy. Plus, you can plug in the Caballero anywhere with the superb Shadow™ ePerformer Preamp System and Shadow™ NanoFlex low impedance pickup system... read more

Epiphone's PRO-1 Collection is the fastest and easiest way to learn guitar. Each PRO-1 instrument includes all of the PRO-1 Series' breakthrough innovations including EZ-Profile neck, smooth PRO-Ease Lubricant fingerboard, pro-level 16:1 ratio machine heads for fast and reliable tuning, plus online eMedia lessons and much more. The PRO-1 Spanish Classic offers new and experienced players the legendary nylon classical sound with a beautiful Cedar top at an incredibly affordable price... read more

Lifetime Warranty

All Epiphone instruments--for beginners and pros alike--include a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Gibson Brands 365/24/7 Customer Service. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today and give the gift of music this Mother's Day with an instrument that will last a lifetime.