Another great Masterbilt Century review!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the August 2017 issue of Vintage Guitar. Michael Dregni reviews the Epiphone Masterbilt® Century De Luxe™ Classic and has some great things to say. Here's a sneak peek:

"Unamplified, the guitar is an easy-playing modern archtop. The tone is warm and woody, and should only improve with age."

"And then there's that headstock, arguably one of the most beautiful and ornate ever made."

"'it has that special percussive cut, an attack that makes it an ideal rhythm instrument. Yet this modern archtop also seems to resonate more fully and longer than vintage models, a welcome trait to rounding out its voice and uses."

"So we plugged the guitar into a modern Epiphone Electar "1939" Century amp, and the electronics accurately amplified the acoustic tone'there was next to no distortion or even change to the natural sound. The Master EQ allows the player to adjust the bass or treble boost to shape or emphasize aspects of the sound. Impressive."

"If you ever yearned for a vintage archtop but were held back by its utility, times have changed. Epi's Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic combines old and new to create an ideal all-round guitar with flair."

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