PROS: Great, unique sound. Lightweight and easy to play. Low Price.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the March 2018 issue of Premier Guitar. On page 146 you'll find a great review of the Epiphone Embassy PRO bass by Jon Button.

Here's some of what Jon had to say:

"Blending the best of the original model along with some modern-day design improvements, the new Embassy PRO is a well-executed reissue that keeps budget-minded players in mind."

"It's not uncommon for basses in this price range to have some sloppy finishing, but that wasn't the case here. The frets were all perfectly dressed, the paint job looked flawless, and all the hardware was in place--tight and solid."

"Played standing or sitting, the bass cries out comfort. Even though it's a standard 34"-scale instrument, it just feels small and is therefore easy to play."

"The Embassy PRO is a well-built, great-sounding bass for the money. In fact, I'd still be impressed even if it cost twice as much."

Find out more about the Epiphone Embassy PRO bass here.