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Frankly... We Are Super-Excited About This New Model

When you work on a new model for a long time, it's a great feeling when the finished product is finally in your hands. Today was one of those days here at Epi Headquarters and soon you will be able to have your own little romance with this way-cool guitar!

1940s Epiphone Electar Lap Steel

We were thinking that an Epiphone Electar Lap Steel from the 1940s would be a fine addition to our vintage collection... and we found one! This beautiful specimen made its way to Epi Headquarters recently and we couldn’t be happier about it. Not sure what an Epiphone Lap Steel sounds like? Check out this cool video we found on YouTube.

Redhead Express Visit Epiphone

Pictured Above Left to Right: LaRae, Alisa, Gibson President Dave Berryman, Meghan and Kendra.

Redhead Express dropped by Epiphone Headquarters yesterday to pick up a few Epiphone instruments. There is quite a buzz around Nashville about these talented young ladies and when you hear them you will understand why. Look for an exclusive interview with the group on in the very near future.

Another One For The Collection

We've added another instrument to our collection. This particular late 1940s Epiphone Zephyr is probably one of the nicest instruments from this era we have ever seen... and it plays fantastic! Check out those cool retro knobs.

Karen Waldrup Visits Epi Headquarters

Nashville based artist Karen Waldrup dropped by Epiphone Headquarters this morning to check out several Masterbilt acoustics. Karen is gearing up for a busy summer schedule in support of her 2011 self-titled release. Visit Karen on-line at

We Recently Acquired This Beautiful Rivoli

One of the most sought after vintage Epiphone basses is the 60s era Rivoli. We recently acquired this beautiful 1967 model and our R&D department is currently reviewing every detail of this iconic Epiphone piece for a possible re-issue. If it happens, I know a lot of bass players will be very happy!

Coming To An Authorized Epiphone Dealer Near You Soon!

Many of you have been asking when the new Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele Outfit will be available. Well, I’ve got great news! I just strolled through our Nashville facility and these cool instruments are going through our stringent inspection and setup process today. Look for the Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele Outfit at your local Authorized Epiphone Dealer very soon.

A Pair of 37s

A pair of vintage 1937 Epiphone classics made their way to Epiphone Headquarters today as our vintage collection continues to grow. The guitar on the left is a “1937 Zenith” that needs a little work. (Note the broken Trapeze.) The guitar on the right is a “1937 Broadway” and in great shape. The image below shows the tuning machines on the Broadway that sport engraved vintage Epiphone “E” logos.

A Near Perfect 1930’s Masterbilt Regent Tenor

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we have a major passion for collecting vintage Epiphone instruments. This week we happened upon a near perfect 1930’s Masterbilt Regent tenor and today it arrived. Needless to say, jaws were dropping at Epiphone Headquarters.

2011 Epiphone Catalog - Coming Soon

We've been busy working on the 2011 Epiphone catalog and I'm happy to report that it is near completion. Last week we spent a day in Nashville grabbing some "beauty" images that will be included in the final piece. Look for the 2011 catalog very soon.

CLICK HERE to view the 2010 Epiphone catalog on-line.

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