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Secret, Secret, I've Got A Secret!

Remember that song that Styx put out back in 1983 called Mr. Roboto? You know... the one where the BGV's are chanting "Secret, Secret, I've Got A Secret" over and over. That is me today! This morning I got my paws on a WAY COOL proto that will soon be a production model in the Epi lineup. It feels and sounds amazing! Wish I could share it with you but they won't let me yet. Here's a sneak peek but officially it's still a secret.

A New Homepage

We have a new homepage going up on this week. We are SUPER excited about the release of this new model!

Vintage Guitar Takes A Look At The Epiphone Coronet

We just got a copy of the January 2011 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine. On page 44 George Gruhn and Walter Carter give an overview of the histrory of the Epiphone Coronet.

Les Paul Plus-Top Pro/FX

We were having a meeting here at Epi Headquarters and this beauty made it's way into the conversation. A lot of people don't know about the Epiphone Les Paul Plus-Top Pro/FX but it is a great guitar! Flame Maple Top, 1960's Slim-Taper "D" Profile, Alnico Classic Humbuckers (4-wire), Push/Pull Coil-Tapping, Grovers... WOW! CLICK HERE NOW to check it out.

We're Working On A New Model With An Old Friend...

There's always something going on behind the scenes here at Epiphone Headquarters. Right now we are working on a new signature model with an old friend... This artist has been playing a proto-type for a couple weeks now. It's gonna be SWEET!

Behind The Scenes With The 1960 Les Paul

This guitar is SWEET!

These Guitars Are Sick!

Next week we will be launching a new model... the Limited Edition 1960 Les Paul Standard. They feature a Deep-Set neck, Hard Maple Cap, Switchcraft 3-way Toggle, Gibson USA Burstbuckers, Mallory-150 Capacitors and come with a hard case. Oh yeah... you also get to choose the neck you want... either a 1950's Rounded "D" (V1) or a 1960's SlimTaper (V3). These guitars are sick and ready to rock right out of the box. I think you're gonna like them!

We're All Jacked Up!

So what about it people? How 'bout Bass Player Live? Be there!

Happy Birthday John!

Ironically... this case made it's way into my office today. John Lennon would have been 70 years old this Saturday, October 9th. He is very much missed... Happy Birthday John!

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