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Deep In The Heart Of Epiphone... A Room That Few People Have Ever Been In

Deep in the heart of Epiphone Headquarters is a room that few people have ever been in. In fact... some of our employees don't even know where this room is. That's because the door is kept under lock and key and is rarely opened. It's a vault of sorts... and houses some instruments that could never be replaced... including the Epiphone Vintage Collection acquired from the Jim Fisch estate in 2007. Recently we have begun sharing these instruments with our fans and customers via the web and will continue to add more instruments to the dedicated micro-site as time allows. If you haven't checked it out yet... do yourself a favor and witness some of Epiphone's rich history by visiting The Vintage Collection micro-site.


1966 Wilshire w/Tremotone Are Going Through Final Inspection and Setup!

Many of you have been asking about the availability of the new Epiphone 1966 Wilshire w/Tremotone. Good news! I just took these pictures of some of our USA inspectors here in Nashville performing final inspections and setting up these great guitars. Look for the 1966 Wilshire w/Tremotone at Authorized Epiphone Dealers in the VERY near future.

If you would like to find out more about the Epiphone 1966 Wilshire w/Tremotone CLICK HERE NOW.

Korean Broadcasting System Films Documentary Footage At Epiphone Headquarters

A film crew from the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) visited Epiphone Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee today. Known as the largest of four major Korean television networks, KBS is producing a documentary in Nashville that will include a look at Epiphone. Gibson President Dave Berryman is pictured here giving an interview in the Epiphone Showroom.

Frank Iero Talks About The Epiphone Prototype Guitar He's Been Playing

We hinted about it on this blog back in November (see November 9th and November 30th)... but the secret is now officially out. Check out the February 2011 issue of Guitar World where Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance talks about the Epiphone prototype he has been helping us develop and playing over the past few months. We are super excited about this guitar which is based on the classic Epiphone Wilshire with some modern twists.

Japanese Dealers Visit Epiphone Headquarters

Some of our Japanese Dealers visited Epiphone Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee this week. There are some VERY exciting things happening for Epiphone in Japan and we can't wait for you to find out about them. Stay tuned! Pictured left to right are Scott Aisenbrey (Epiphone), Mr. Kishimoto (Ishibashi Music Corporation ) and Mr. Shinji Sekiguchi (Gibson Japan).

What's This???

Nighthawks... Coming To An Authorized Epiphone Dealer Near You Soon!

A lot of you have been asking when the new Nighthawk Customs will be available. Well, I have good news for you. I just walked through our USA inspection facility and the first production run is going through final inspection and setup TODAY! Look for these guitars at an Authorized Epiphone Dealer near you VERY soon.

CLICK HERE to find an Authorized Epiphone Dealer in your area.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Epiphone Nighthawk Custom.

It's NAMM Time!

We've been prepping for the NAMM show... If you are going, please stop by the Epiphone booth (303 AB) and say hello. On Friday 1/14/11 you can meet Epiphone signature artists Robb Flynn of Machine Head at 3pm and Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction at 4:30 pm!!

The Signature Guitar Machine Is Cranking Up At Epi Again...

There is always something going on behind the scenes here at Epiphone Headquarters... and this week is no different. A new signature model is in the works and this one will rock your face off! Look for an official announcement soon.

Remember Those Cool Gray Cases From The Early 1960's?

Anybody remember those cool gray Epiphone cases from the early 1960's? This re-issue beauty made it's way to us this morning. I wish I could tell what is inside of it... but it's TOP secret. Trust me though... you're gonna love it.

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