It's Official: The Slash Appetite Les Paul Standard Outfit
Behind the Scenes: Epiphone Official BLog

It's Official: The Slash Appetite Les Paul Standard Outfit

Yesterday was a day that many of you (and we) have been anticipating. After months of internet buzz, we officially introduced the Epiphone Slash Appetite Les Paul Standard Outfit on Any time we introduce a new model around here it's a big deal, but with this one, a ton of behind the scenes work took place.

Making it "right" was the beginning of the process and we took extra pain (yes pain... haha) to make sure that every minute detail about this guitar was as it should be. Next came the approval process with Slash himself, further ensuring the accuracy of the guitar and finally... setting up the production and hyper quality control procedures became reality.

Along the way there was a killer photo session with Slash and the guitar by photography legend Neil Zlozower. From there point-of-purchase materials such as the life-size Slash stand-ups you will be seeing in stores soon were created. Next, all the accessories that come with the Outfit (Hardshell Case, Certificate of Authenticity with Binder, Slash Signature Pics) were designed and produced. The Certificates were then sent to Slash for signing (yes... he hand-signed all 3,000) and returned. Next... in house photography of all the pieces was completed and web and print graphics were created along with promotional content... including an exclusive interview with Slash.

And... here we are. The result is a spot-on re-creation of this legendary guitar that can be had for a price that the working-man-guitarist can afford. They will be in stores by the end of October but if you want one you might consider a pre-order since only 3,000 will be produced.

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