Vintage Guitar Magazine published a review of the Epiphone Emperor Swingster on September 9. Here's what Sean O'Bryan Smith had to say:

"Overall build quality of the Chinese-made Swingster is impressive. It has no construction issues, and the binding is expertly crafted. Most striking is the finish work on the flame-maple laminate. Playability is also impressive; the setup on our tester was comfortably low, and the wide neck had a slight roundness to the profile reminiscent of classic archtops. It plays well and access to the upper register is easy. The Bigsby and the "pinned" rosewood base with roller tune-o-matic saddles are not typically found on budget-level entries, and makes a world of difference on the Swingster. Vibrato effects are smooth, with no awkward jumpiness you usually get with a roller bridge."

"The Swingster is an impressive offering for the money. Its playability is good, its vibrato is smooth, and it sounds great. Epiphone knows its niche."

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