AJ220S and AJ220SCE A closer look at two of Epiphone's biggest sellers

The AJ-220S and the AJ-220SCE Advanced Jumbo acoustics are two of Epiphone's best selling and most counted-on guitars for professionals and professionals at heart. The Advanced Jumbo acoustic is a ubiquitous presence on album covers, songwriter open mics, videos, and in studios around the world. And though the AJ-220S and the AJ-220SCE are relatively modern instruments by name, their profile, construction and sound are directly related to the first Advanced Jumbos produced in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1934. The Advanced Jumbo design features a round shoulder, a 16" wide body, and a tonality that is responsive to both flatpickers and fingerpicking. For lighter voiced singers who need an instrument that can mix well with vocals without becoming too boomy, the AJ-220S and AJ-220SCE fit the bill perfectly. They both possess a crisp, woody sound that blends easily.

AJ220S and AJ220SCE A closer look at two of Epiphone's biggest sellersThe AJ-220S and AJ-220SCE Advanced Jumbo sound can also be an excellent rhythm box for bigger voiced singers who need a full-bodied 'chunk' behind their vocals. Advanced Jumbo fans throughout pop history include Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, John Lennon, Paul Weller, George Harrison, John Fahey, Mark Knopfler, Noel Gallagher, Elvis Costello, Jeff Tweedy and dozens more.

Much of the AJ-220S and the AJ-220SCE's superior sound comes from a combination of tone woods and X-bracing. The Advanced Jumbo started out as the Kalamazoo, Michigan factory's competition to Martin's new "D" series in the early '30s. (Though an early prototype Advanced Jumbo was presented to Jimmie Rodgers in the early '30s that pre-dated Martin's "D" series.)

When Gibson Kalamazoo luthiers and Epiphone luthiers in New York City started experimenting with their own take on the X-brace style, they found a sweet spot between the punch of smaller bodied 'orchestra models' and the sometimes uncontrollable 'boom' that larger X-braced guitars produced. Today's AJ-220S and AJ-220SCE share the same sonic profile as their rare vintage cousins -- a woody, complex tone that seems to rise to whatever the occasion calls for -- at the beach, on stage, or in a studio. There are few guitars like the Advanced Jumbo that can satisfy finger style players like Mark Knopfler, Leo Kottke, and avant-garde pioneer John Fahey as well as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Oasis. And X-bracing also makes for a tough guitar that holds its shape and tone even when it gets passed around, knocked around, and put in a trunk for long trips home.

Throughout the Great Depression and after the war, Epiphone produced their own version of the Advanced Jumbo (most notably the Texan). When Epiphone merged with Gibson and began producing acoustic guitars in the late '50s, the Advanced Jumbo continued to be most the recognized acoustic guitar for both companies.

Both the AJ-220S and AJ-220SCE feature a Solid Sitka Spruce top, a fantastic tone wood that is both affordable and very responsive to the classic X-bracing that gives the Advanced Jumbo profile its unique tone. It also improves with time (and playing!). The body features select mahogany back and sides and the neck is also mahogany, just like vintage models, and is attached to the with a dove-tail joint which helps the entire guitar resonate as if it were a single piece of wood.

AJ220S and AJ220SCE A closer look at two of Epiphone's biggest sellersThe AJ220SCE offers features that vintage Advanced Jumbo owners would have been glad to have back in the day like an elegant cutaway that manages to be modern and classic and Shadow's Performer Tuner™ preamp and NanoFlex™ pickup system. Made by Shadow Germany, the Performer Tuner™ preamp features discrete but powerful controls to tailor the AJ-220SCE to suit your playing style, volume level, and venue size.

Fans of acoustic music have often noted that Epiphone acoustic/electrics sound considerably more "acoustic" when plugged in without the nasal, "buzzy" sound that most plugged-in acoustic guitars suffer from. The state-of-the-art preamp includes a built-in Chromatic Tuner, Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Low Battery indicator, and a Phase switch to help eliminate unwanted feedback. It also features a Tuner/Mute button, which comes in handy when plugging in or unplugging your guitar.

Under the AJ-220SCE's compensated saddle is Shadow's proprietary NanoFlex™ low-impedance pickup. Unlike a piezo, the NanoFlex's™ unique and flexible sensing material features integrated active electronics and picks up not only string vibrations but also top and body vibrations as well for a truly acoustic tone without the harshness of piezo pickups.

The most perfect acoustic guitar is -- of course -- the one that inspires you to write, to sing, and get out in front of people to perform. Finding an instrument that both supports your voice and at the same time pushes you to try harder is a quest that some guitar players never tire of pursuing. But the Epiphone AJ220S and AJ220SCE got the attention of all levels of players when they were first introduced and enthusiasm -- and amazement -- for the instrument continues. Don't let either instrument's affordability fool you. Sometime today, wherever you are, you heard a song recorded with an Advanced Jumbo just like the AJ-220S and the AJ-220SCE.

AJ220S and AJ220SCE A closer look at two of Epiphone's biggest sellers

AJ220S and AJ220SCE A closer look at two of Epiphone's biggest sellers

AJ220S and AJ220SCE A closer look at two of Epiphone's biggest sellers


Body Shape: Advanced Jumbo Advanced Jumbo Cutaway
Top Material: Solid Sitka Spruce Solid Sitka Spruce
Body Material: Select Mahogany Select Mahogany
Neck Material: Mahogany, Glued-In Mahogany, Glued-In
Fingerboard Material: Rosewood w/Dot Inlay Rosewood w/Dot Inlay
Scale: 25.5" 25.5"
Nut Width: 1.69" 1.69"
Machine Heads: Die-Cast, 14:1 Ratio Die-Cast, 14:1 Ratio
Bridge Pickup: N/A NanoFlex™ Low-Impedance Pickup
Controls: N/A Shadow PerformerTuner™ Preamp, Master Volume, Phase (feedback cancellation), Treble EQ, Bass EQ, Tuner/Mute Button, Built-In Chromatic Tuner
Power: N/A Two 2032 Lithium Batteries
Output Jack: N/A Metal Endpin Jack w/1/4" Output
Warranty: Epiphone Limited Lifetime Epiphone Limited Lifetime