Check out this great video clip with our own Jeff Waters taken at his recent clinic in Madrid, tearing it up on his Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation Flying V. Jeff also talks about his early classical guitar lessons (not a bad place to start for those who wish to shred) and his first foray into hard rock and metal playing covers of Ozzy and Scorpion.

If you ever have a chance to see Jeff live at one of his clinics, don't miss it. He's articulate, funny, and generous with his time and advice. And he'll rock your world. Even if shredding is not your bag, you should still experience a Jeff Waters clinic first-hand. No matter what your style, you're going to come out with a few more tricks up your sleeve.

Jeff Waters Annihilation V

The Annihilation-V features a solid mahogany body and a mahogany neck with a SlimTaper™ "D" profile for lightning fast performance and comfort. The neck is attached using a traditional deep-set, Flying-V neck joint that is handed fitted and glued in place for optimum tone and sustain. The 24-fret Phenolic fingerboard allows for a full two octaves of shredding range but is also an ultra smooth and extremely durable surface.

The Annihilation-V pickups were designed specifically for Jeff by Epiphone engineers and made by Gibson USA's world famous pickup division. The Annihilation-V features a custom JWT (Jeff Waters Treble) 4-wire humbucker in the bridge position and a JWR (Jeff Waters Rhythm) 4-wire humbucker in the neck position. The JWT bridge humbucker is overwound and features a Ceramic-8 magnet and can deliver the perfect combination of crunch and growl without ever losing its enhanced lows and crystal clear highs. The JWR neck pickup features an Alnico-II magnet which gives the Annihilation-V vintage tone with great sustain and clarity along with the right combination of power and warmth. Together, the two pickups offer the perfect combination of crunch and clean.

Jeff Waters

The Annihilation-V that Jeff uses on stage has no custom modifications. His guitar could be your guitar.

Check it out.