Gary Clark Jr. Talks About The Most Versatile Axe He's Ever Picked Up

Be sure to pick up a copy of the December 2012 issue of Premier Guitar. On page 101, Bill Murphy contributes a great interview with Epiphone artist Gary Clark Jr. Here's a sneak peek at what Gary had to say:

I was guitar shopping with my friend [Eric] Zapata, who plays guitar in the band. I think I really just wanted a hollowbody. And I like the P-90s--the sound and look of them--so I just came to the conclusion that I wanted a Casino. We rode around town and ended up at this spot, and I was looking at the natural ones. Zapata said, "Try the red one!" and I was like, "No man--that's a bit bold, don't you think?" And he was like, "Just try it, man--that's the one!" Sure enough I plugged it in, A/B'd them--the natural and the cherry red--and the cherry was just screaming at me like, "You know I'm the shit. I'm the one!" When I got back to the house and plugged it into my rig, it was like I'd just been waiting for that sound.

Well, you can flip it on the neck and it's dark, round, and bold. It's really slick and sexy if you want to go there, and you can get that treble in the bridge if you want bite. The range is just so broad. It's the most versatile axe I've ever picked up, and it's light, so it won't break my back. And it might be annoying at points, but I love how it feeds back when you crank it up. It's also fun to sit there unplugged and just play. It has a great tone and resonance.

Yeah, and I think he [Otis Rush] also played the Epiphone Riviera. Have you ever seen the American Folk Blues Festival footage? He plays "I Can't Quit You Baby"--just some lowdown blues on the Epiphone. That's so sick. I think I want one of those. And later on, you know, the Beatles recorded with the Casino. They made some okay records too [laughs]. But also I just like the look of it. It's just a beauty to look at.

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Gary Clark Jr. Talks About The Most Versatile Axe He's Ever Picked Up