Guitar Player Interviews Gary Clark Jr.

Be sure to check out the January 2013 issue of Guitar Player. Long-time Epiphone player Gary Clark Jr. is on the cover with his Elitist Casino and on page 74, Jimmy Leslie contributes a great interview with the new guitar god. When asked about his preference for the Epiphone Casino, Gary had this to say:

"We went to a shop and checked out a few Casinos. He (rhythm guitarist Zapata) suggested that I try the red one. I thought it was a bit bold. I didn't think I had earned it, but I loved the way it sounded and how it felt, so I went with it. That was around 2007."

"That red Casino had everything I wanted in a guitar. You know that connection you feel when you hold an acoustic guitar close to you? That's what I feel when I play the Casino."

Guitar Player Interviews Gary Clark Jr.

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