Kevin with his Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat™ Bass.

We recently caught up with bassist extraordinaire Kevin Williams. We knew Kevin was a big fan of the Epiphone Rumblekat but were thrilled to find out about another favorite Epiphone he's been playing for years. Here's the story in Kevin's own words.

"Back in the early 80s, when I was in my early 20s, (many years ago) I was playing bass in a Nevada-style cabaret band that covered a lot of ground and many musical styles as well. We played clubs, fairs, lounges, fraternal organizations and concerts of various sizes from southern New Mexico to northern Alberta, Canada. Although I had gotten my start on an acoustic bass in a bluegrass band under the direction of my step-father, Phil Buck, I did not own an upright. I had always thought that the "dog-house" bass had the tone and aesthetics that other bassists envied, but that was missing from my arsenal. When Phil decided to retire from the music-biz side of life in 1985 or so, he did me the great honor of bestowing his late 40s Epiphone acoustic bass upon me. By this time I had been introduced to swing and jazz and the timing was perfect. I hated to alter this instrument in any way, but I figured that by installing a new, adjustable bridge and pickup, I would be able to use the bass in new venues and contexts. It sounded amazing. I remember calling Clint Strong, the great jazz guitarist I was playing with, and insisting he come over to hear this bass. He obliged even though it was late at night, as did several other cohorts. Since those days, this bass and I have watched many miles of highway disappear under the hood. From the hammock that I rigged up in my old van (for the bass to ride in, of course) to semi's and spare bunks on the bus, it's been my (almost) constant companion. From albums and tours with Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, in the studio and on stage with Willie Nelson, Ray Price and many others, she's always there and always sounds fantastic. Many thanks to this Epiphone acoustic!"

Kevin with his late 40s Epiphone Acoustic Bass.