Premier Guitar Reviews The EL-00 PRO

Premier Guitar just published a review of the Epiphone EL-00 PRO acoustic-electric. The on-line piece includes text from Charles Saufley and a video demonstration by Premier's Jason Shadrick. The EL-00 PRO now features the Fishman™ Sonitone™ preamp and Fishman Sonicore™ pickup system. Here are some highlights of what Charles had to say:

"Epiphone, in keeping with its tradition of offering affordable versions of Gibsons, has introduced the EL-00 Pro--a very affordable take on the iconic L-00-and it's one of the real steals in our small-body roundup."

"Epiphone's EL-00 Pro is about as handsome as a guitar could be--beautifully proportioned, but distinct with a dramatic waist taper that sets it apart visually from other acoustics of this size. With a deep and nicely executed tobacco burst finish on the solid spruce top, the Epiphone pulls off the trick of looking way more expensive than it is. Grover 14:1 ratio tuners add an up-market feel and offer real tuning stability. (Impressively, the guitar was more-or-less in tune after coming halfway across the country.)"

"Playability and intonation are both exceptional and pronouncedly better than what you typically see at this price."

"The high end has a crystalline, glassy, bell-like quality. Notes are concise and defined, but resonate nicely. And you get a very surprising amount of sustain that enhances slow, lingering finger vibrato and legato work."

Read the entire review HERE.