BioGamer Girl just published a terrific review of the new Rocksmith 2014. The verdict? A big thumbs up. Read all about it here. 

"If you're interested in learning to play guitar, don't hesitate to pick up and play Rocksmith 2014 Edition this holiday season! Rocksmith 2014 Edition is a great game for families and can even teach young children how to learn guitar."

Sounds right by us.  Epiphone continues as the official guitar of Rocksmith 2014. The new edition features the new Instant Riff Repeater, which lets players choose the difficulty, speed and section of each track they play, helping them focus on the particular sections that they struggle with the most. Players are now in full control of their learning pace and can master every part of the songs they want to learn.the new edition includes new songs, new features, and updated lessons for experienced players, too.

Check out our Rocksmith 2014 Epiphone Buyer's Guide and plug in to Rocksmith 2014 this holiday season.