USA Vs Offshore: What's The Big Deal?

Editorial writer Dave Hunter has contributed an interesting article to the May 2013 issue of Guitar Player. In a piece titled, "Fable Fighters: What's the Big Deal About USA-made vs. Offshore Guitars," Mr. Hunter questions the long-standing perception that offshore guitars are "inferior" to those produced in the USA. He concludes:

"These guitars are made by skilled workers, who likely take as much pride in their jobs as do workers in American guitar factories."

"Also, of course, many offshore-made guitars are manufactured under the auspices of American makers: Gibson/Epiphone, Fender/Squier, PRS, Gretsch, and others build guitars overseas to their own U.S.-originated designs and closely control the quality in order to fill a market that they simply couldn't reach through domestic production alone"

"At the same time, skilled craftsmen are doing outstanding work beyond these shores, too, making high-quality guitars that play and sound better--for relatively less money--than ever before."

"The upshot: choose your instrument according to the specs and features and prices that suit you—and most importantly, its feel in your hands and its sound to your own ears—rather than approaching with any bias related to where it was made."

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