Epiphone is proud to announce that the new Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-45ME has just received Guitar Player magazine’s coveted “Hall of Fame” Award for 2015 in the Acoustic Guitar "Maximum Gear” category.

“The GP editors selected the award-winning products from gear we've tested, reviewed, gigged with, and/or experienced at trade shows between the December 2014 and November 2015 issues of the magazine,” announced Guitar Player’s Editors.  “All Maximum Gear awards are unanimously selected by the GP editors to celebrate the past year's products we feel are transcendent, awesome, top of the tops, and totally deserving of the magazine's most prestigious Hall of Fame honor.  We all felt this wonderful piece of gear exemplified our goals for the 2015 GP Hall of Fame Awards.”
The newest addition to the Epiphone Masterbilt family, the Masterbilt 2015 AJ-45ME Acoustic/Electric was modeled on the legendary “J-45” round shoulder style dreadnought that has inspired generations of rock, pop, blues, and country artists. Epiphone’s first Ltd. Ed. reissue of the "The Workhorse" J-45 earned it a “Mark of Excellence Award” from Guitar One magazine and now the new Masterbilt 2015 AJ-45ME Acoustic/Electric is in the 2015 Guitar Player “Hall of Fame!”
The original line of Epiphone Masterbilt instruments was introduced in 1931 and heralded the first great era of modern acoustic instruments.  And today, the new line of Epiphone Masterbilt instruments continues that reputation around the world.
Visit the Guitar Player Hall of Fame Award Page and check out the Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-45ME today!