Premier Guitar opening notes.

Be sure to check out the July 2016 issue of Premier Guitar. On page 28 photographer Darren Boucher contributes a great photo of long-time Epiphone player Brian Aubert of The Silversun Pickups with his Epiphone Sheraton-II. The photo was captured on March 26th of this year at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, New York.

Silversun Pickups is among the most dynamic and creative rock bands of the modern era, hailed far and wide for their inimitable merging of ethereal melodies and pure sonic force. From the indie rock opening salvo of 2005's Pikul EP to 2012's far-reaching Neck of the Woods, each successive release has seen the Silverlake, CA-based band boldly venture into uncharted terrain, bravely pushing their imagination and ability towards new and surprising summits. Better Nature marks the debut release from Silversun Pickups' own New Machine Recordings. Visit them on-line at