Epiphone Olympic fan Dave Rawlings is touring the west coast this week including a sold out show at the John Van Duzer Theatre in Arcata, California on Friday, October 7. Rawlings checked out our new Masterbilt Century Olympic in Nashville recently and was instantly at home with its strong, balanced tone.

"This is nice--they only did that headstock in '33," noted Rawlings. "Mine is a '35. I found it at a friend's house. I know that at the time I found it, I had it in my head that I was interested in trying to find an instrument that would sit in a little more of a mid-range part of the tonal spectrum. Like a Dobro or a mandolin, as opposed to a dreadnought lead guitar. I thought it would potentially be more versatile--that you could get away with dreadnaught licks on a smaller instrument."  Mission accomplished.

Read our interview with Rawlings from this summer and discover the Masterbilt Century Collection at your nearest Authorized Epiphone Dealer.