Inside the king of electric guitars

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO is the House of Stathopoulo's ultimate tribute to the most famous incarnation of the Les Paul, which made its debut with in 1958 with "P.A.F" style humbucker pickups. The "LP" Standard is perhaps the most popular and versatile solid body electric guitar in the world and Epiphone's Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO offers players a "greatest hits" of modern and classic features including ProBucker™ pickups with coil-splitting, a AAA Maple top, and 10 beautiful finishes.

Since its debut over 60 years ago, the instrument that began as Mr. Les Paul's crazy contraption has been embraced by guitarists in every genre of popular music. And though most of rock's legendary soloists like Jimmy Page, Duane Allman, and Eric Clapton helped earn the Les Paul Standard its reputation, owning a Les Paul has been a right of passage for virtually every great American artist. Duane Eddy, Doc Watson, Muddy Waters, Carl Perkins, even Buddy Holly--all owned a Les Paul. No collection is complete without one.

AAA Flame Maple Top

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO is still made with a solid Mahogany body using a vintage designed Gibson mold, giving it the same profile as all the great Les Pauls from the past. The AAA Flame Maple top is one of the distinguishing features of a great Les Paul Standard and the PlusTop PRO is available in 10 dazzling finishes including Honeyburst, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Trans Blue, Vintage Sunburst and Wine Red.

ProBucker™ Pickups

The sound of a true Les Paul

Epiphone's critically acclaimed ProBucker pickups are at the heart of the PlusTop PROs sonic versatility and are a near-perfect recreation of the original hand-wound "P.A.F. style" humbuckers that have made vintage Les Paul Standards so valuable.

But just what is this so-called "P.A.F." humbucker? The first humbuckers that were installed in Les Paul Standards in the late 50s were not considered to be a tonal breakthrough as much as they were a practical breakthrough. The humbucker pickup was invented--in fact--to "buck the hum," the annoying "buzz" that amplifiers and electric guitars picked up in poorly grounded bars and nightclubs. Over the decades, these original hand wound pickups became legendary among players in the U.S. and England. Keith Richards was the first artist to pick up on the sound of humbuckers, performing on the T.AM.I. Show with The Rolling Stones on a '59 Les Paul Standard outfitted with a Bigsby. Eric Clapton, Michael Bloomfield, George Harrison, and Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac soon picked up on Les Pauls, too.

"Just like a good chef uses science and art to create unique dishes a good pickup designer is able to use ingredients in unique ways to create sound," said Richard Akers, head of Epiphone Research and Development. "All the ingredients are available to anyone willing to look but you have to know how to combine them and what is important."

Epiphone ProBuckers feature 18% Nickel Silver unit bases and covers, the same alloy used by Gibson. The use of Nickel Silver reduces the occurrence of eddy currents due to low conductivity and provides a more transparent and crisp output. The size and shape of bobbins also has a great impact on tonal response. The bobbins used on the ProBucker pickups duplicate the size and shape of the gold standard in the industry, Gibson humbuckers. Epiphone ProBucker pickups also feature Sand cast Alnico II magnets, high quality 4 conductor lead wire and are vacuum wax potted to eliminate microphonics.

Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO players have even more sound versatility thanks to coil-splitting on each ProBucker pickup via a push-pull volume pot which turns the humbucker pickup into single coil pickup.

State of the Art Hardware

Along with superior pickups and a rainbow of color finishes for the AAA Flame Maple top, the Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO also comes with Epiphone's signature Locktone bridge and Stopbar tailpiece which accents the Les Paul's already considerable sustain. And just like vintage Les Pauls, the PlusTop PRO uses world class Grover™ machine heads for fast and accurate tuning.

Superior quality and flexible tone is what Les Paul always had in mind for his signature guitar when he built his first prototype-- "the Log" at the Epiphone factory in New York in 1941. Les continued to work with Epiphone throughout his life, tinkering with sample models and offering his advice. (Virtually every guitar Les owned got customized!) We think Les would have loved the Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO with the same enthusiasm that he gave many other Epiphone Les Pauls. His heart never left the House of Stathopoulo.

"They are damn fine instruments, I swear by them! People can buy one of my guitars no matter how much money they have. A kid can get an Epiphone and have something worth something, not a hunk-of-junk like the other brands. He can learn well on one and have it and play it the rest of his life. Epiphone is meeting standards of quality like Gibson, which I am proud to see. I tell you they are damn fine instruments!"

Visit a nearby Authorized Epiphone Dealer and the only Les Paul you'll ever need--the Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO. Tell 'em "Les" sent you!