New signature model is shining like a diamond.

Be sure to grab a copy of the August 2016 issue of Guitar World. On page 23, Brad Angle contributes an interview with Epiphone signature artist and Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds. Brent is currently in rehearsals with his side band Giraffe Tongue Orchestra (which includes Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman and Alice In Chains vocalist William Duvall) and putting his Epiphone Signature Flying-V through its paces. Here's some of what Brent had to say:

"For five days in a row---from one in the afternoon to midnight---I've been playing the new GTO stuff, which goes from very melancholy to cascading to distorted to clean," says Hinds, "And this guitar's shining like a diamond."

"I emphasized to them that I'm gonna wank, spank, slobber, bleed, bend, crunch, and crush all over this f***ing thing and the guitar's gonna need to be able to handle the monster behind it," says Hinds, "But I've been playing the piss out of it and the guitar didn't break a sweat on the tuning issues, going from Drop A to drop B to standard 440."

"And for sure I'll be recording with my new signature Flying V... while standing on a chair with a werewolf mask on. And that's not a joke; I really do that. I never sit down to record. You can't sit down and play a Flying V, everyone knows that."

"But Epiphone, if I could give them all a hug or a Valentine's card I would!"