The Top Critics Go On the Record

The new Masterbilt Century Archtop Collection has been getting terrific reviews from some of the toughest critics in the industry as well as some of our longtime Epiphone signature artists.

An Artist's Favorite

Though the Collection was originally launched this summer, dozens of select artists got a sneak peak during the SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas. And very quickly, Ricky Young and Taylor Burns of the Wild Feathers caught on that these were very special guitars.

Multi-instrumentalist and Nashville Cat Jim Oblon stopped by our showroom to dig into the Zentih Classic before going on the road with Paul Simon.


And multi-instrumentalist and longtime vintage Epiphone fan Chris Scruggs came away impressed with Epiphone's attention to detail, and was excited that a new generation was about to discover the beauty of a great archtop acoustic guitar.

NAMM Best of Show

In June, Epiphone formerly presented the De Luxe, De Luxe Classic, Zenith, Zenith Classic and Olympic guitars at the annual Summer NAMM conference. We knew something was in the air when representatives from all of the major brands (including our friends at Gibson) drifted over to the Epiphone booth to check them out and stuck around for informal jam sessions with the Masterbilt Century guitars. The enthusiasm was overwhelming and the entire line was presented with the Best of Show Award for NAMM 2016.

The Editor of Acoustic Guitar stopped Epiphone's new state-of-the art headquarters during the conference and spoke with Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg, who was happy to talk about the origins of the Masterbilt Century Collection. CLICK HERE NOW to watch the video.

Epiphone In the News

Within a few weeks of the Masterbilt Century's formal presentation, online guitar and magazine critics from the U.S. and the UK had caught "Masterbilt Century fever," too.

Joe at posted a video review and concluded, "These things are super-cool, super affordable, and they feel great." And Sam Hill added, "If you've ever longed for a classic Epiphone archtop, now is the perfect time to strike. You don't have to blow your life savings, and you don't have to worry about taking a vintage guitar to your next gig. They are awesome, unique guitars, and there are countless songs waiting to be discovered inside them."

Phil O'keefe of Harmony Central soon chimed in as well. "Because of its size and solid spruce arched top, this guitar sounds huge, with a loud and commanding voice. While the stoutness of the neck may turn off some players, others will love its meaty profile. This guitar loves to be played hard, and the harder you play it, the louder and bigger it gets, without the compression that often limits the output of traditional flat-topped guitars. The projection is simply outstanding. Five minutes with this guitar and you'll know exactly why big archtops were so popular in the pre-electric big band days. That ability to cut through the mix can be equally appreciated in a world music, folk or bluegrass context when you're playing with loud acoustic instruments like drums, fiddles and banjos too. If you're looking for an alternative to the same flat top acoustic guitars that nearly everybody else has used since last century, and want something that has retro appeal that will stand out onstage and that has a different, unique and very cool sound, then you owe it to yourself to try a De Luxe Classic. It's a new archtop for the new century, and one very cool way to sound great while standing out from the crowd."

And there's more good news still to come! Visit the Official Masterbilt Century Archtop website at to see our latest video interviews, demonstrations, and reviews, and visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer this fall to try one out for yourself!