Gary Clark Jr. has released a new song, "Take Me Down," which will be featured in the soundtrack to the film, Deepwater Horizon starring Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, and Kurt Russell. Check it out below. The film chronicles the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Clark is taking a break from his seemingly never-ending-tour this fall but will play a 3-night stand at the legendary Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas.  Read more about Gary in our classic interview and try  out his Ltd. Ed. Gary Clark Jr. "Blak & Blu" Casino.

"I pretty much knew from day one that I needed a few things for my arsenal," said Clark.  "The Epiphone Casino is the one that always stood out. I'd always go out and pick one of those in a store when I would go Strait music or Ray Hennigs Heart of Texas Music down here in Austin. It always stood out but I never had the money to get one. And then finally I scrapped up some change and got one and the Casino changed my life. I knew that was what I needed to have. I had my eyes on it before I even really got familiar with it. And it just kind of stuck. I'm good with that. It's cool to have a Blak & Blu guitar, do you know what I mean? To have the guitar I've always wanted and to be able to customize it--what if it was this color?--it's surreal to see it all happen."