The Masterbilt Century Collection is receiving rave reviews and now we can add Guitar World to the growing list of fans. On page 79 of the November 2016 issue, Chris Gill takes an in-depth look at the De Luxe and Zenith Classic models and awards them the coveted Guitar World Platinum Award of Excellence. Here is a sneak peek at what Chris had to say:

"These new affordably priced models are actually acoustic-electric instruments that sound equally great whether played unplugged or amplified."

"Our Zenith Classic model with its f-hole design provided classic archtop tone that reminded me of several outstanding vintage and boutique archtop acoustics I've played that sell for thousands of dollars."

"The electronics amplify the natural acoustic tone and character of both models in accurate perfection."

"The Epiphone Masterbilt Century Collection guitars are the perfect affordable choice for any guitarist interested in exploring the signature sound of an archtop acoustic guitar or anyone who wants a finely crafted, visually stunning acoustic guitar for recording and performing."

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