New album set to release on June 16, 2017.

Crystal Bowersox stopped by Epiphone Headquarters earlier this week to perform her song, "A Broken Wing," from the upcoming album, ALIVE. The new album will be available June 16, 2017 on MamaSox Records and marks a significant point in her life. "I'll be turning 32 this year and I feel truly alive for the very first time," said Bowersox.

The new project was recorded live in Santa Fe, New Mexico at The Kitchen Sink Recording Studio with Jono Manson at the helm. "Epiphone guitars, they helped make this album possible," said Bowersox. "These guitars helped make ALIVE sound the way that it does and I'm most proud of this record. Out of everything I've ever released, this is the one that I really want people to hear.



"A Broken Wing," co-written by Bowersox with the help of her touring guitarist David DePrest is a song about hope, determination and perseverance. "You can make it through any rough patch in your life," said Bowersox. "Knowing that even in your darkest moment, its going to be OK. There is always a light on the other side. I know this personally, having been through some dark times and I have always had this little voice inside of me, telling me it was going to be OK some day. I believe it because it's true and I want others to believe it as well."

Look for Crystal Bowersox on tour this summer and fall in support of her album, ALIVE. A complete list of tour dates can be found at