Michael Molenda takes a close look at the Johnny A. Signature Model

Michael Molenda at Guitar Player just posted a fantastic review of the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Johnny A. Custom Outfit. As it turns out, Molenda also reviewed the Gibson version back in 2003 so it gave him a good base for comparison and in the end, he awarded the Epiphone model the prestigious Guitar Player Editors' Pick Award! Here is some of what he said:

"Now, Johnny A's prize has made it over to the Epiphone team, and I bet you're wondering how a $5k+ instrument translates to a $999 revamp? As it turns out--quite nicely."

"The Epiphone betrays no cosmetic or hardware issues."

"Both guitars play like dreams with polished and rounded-edge frets, excellent intonation, and easy access to all controls."

"Every tone on the Epi speaks clearly and articulately without any harsh highs or brittle mids, and, like the Gibson, getting controlled feedback is easy and fun as all hell."

"Epiphone has really done a masterful job of taking a guitar master's signature instrument and making it into an affordable gigging guitar that still looks and feels like a luxury model."

Read the entire review at www.guitarplayer.com and be sure to check out the full-length feature of the Epiphone Johnny A. Custom Outfit at www.epiphone.com.