NEW YORK – Guitar One is pleased to announce the recipient of the July “1 Award”. This honor is bestowed upon gear that the editorial staff deems outstanding in its class. Deciding factors include but are not limited to sound, playability or ease-of-operation, workmanship, value, and the ineffable “cool factor.” Innovation—or, for that matter, revolution—are also considered.

The “1 Award” recognizes excellent gear that goes the extra mile. Expensive, high-end products are not necessarily a “lock” for the award, and inexpensive, entry-level products are not categorically denied. Recipients of the “1 Award” simply represent the best in their class.

In the July issue of Guitar One, the Epiphone Elitist 1961 SG is the proud recipient of the “1 Award” for its impeccable workmanship, brilliant sound, and playability at a sensible price point. Constructed in Japan of premium tonewoods, fitted with top-shelf hardware, and wired with Gibson’s own pickups, the ’61 SG is a flawless instrument in every respect. Guitar One congratulates the Epiphone Elitist 1961 SG on succeeding at bridging the gap between the best Epiphone and the most modest Gibson.

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