On Friday, October 10, 2003, Epiphone received a visit from one of the hottest groups in Contemporary Christian Music...ZOEgirl. But what is a ZOE girl you ask? "Zoe means ‘life.’ Not just life in general, but the kind of life attained through living according to the will of God in Christ Jesus. We want our lives to be examples of that – being a ‘ZOEgirl.’” said Kristin Swinford. 

Offering an upbeat, energetic mix of dance beats, R&B flavors, choreographed stage moves and pristine layered vocals, Chrissy Conway, Alisa Girard, and Kristin Swinford seem to be the genuine article, perfectly fitted to present the gospel to a young demographic weaned on MTV’s fast cut images.

Intentionally aiming their songwriting at a young audience, the early twenty- something members of ZOEgirl gravitate toward issues that effect the lives of teens today such as abstinence, temptation, and the search for identity.

“We don’t want to be a group that just gets up there and does their show and then goes home and watches TV all night,” says Chrissy. “We really have a heart for the ministry and for the kids that we’re singing to. So many parents have already thanked us for the positive alternative we’re presenting. That’s encouraging. Our purpose as ZOEgirl is just to minister to kids however we can."

Be sure and check out ZOEgirl on tour with their Epiphone's and pick up a copy of their critically acclaimed latest project, Different Kind Of Free, on Sparrow Records.”

Visit www.zoegirlonline.com for all the latest ZOEgirl information.

ZOEgirl...Kristin Swinford, Alisa Girard, and Chrissy Conway.


Chrissy with new Fingerstyle Epiphone.


Kristin with her Epiphone J-200.


Alisa checking out an Epi proto-type.