Grammy winner Emilio Navaira recently performed a sold out show in San Antonio, Texas with his Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500R. In Emilio's own words, "Estas guitars typo Masterbilts, llegan nivel de leyenda! Esta es para mi" Translation (These Masterbilt guitars are of legendary caliber, this one is for me!)

Emilio on-stage with his Masterbilt DR-500R.

Emilio Navaira, along with his brother Raul, were one of the hottest Tejano/Country Duo's of the 90's, earning numerous awards, achievements and top record sales. Emilio, who grew up in San Antonio, Texas, dreamed of becoming a singer since he was a small child. At the young age of four, he received his first guitar. Even though he had no idea how to play, he strummed along and sang at family gatherings. Emilio went on to sing in his elementary' school choir. In high school, he entered singing competitions and acted in school plays. Emilio graduated from high school and attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos on a voice scholarship. He wanted to be a music teacher or choir director, but after his third year and against his parents' wishes, he left school.

In the mid 80's, Emilio tried out for David Lee Garza's Tejano band and landed the position of lead singer. He gained experience as a performer while he toured with Garza Y Los Musicales for five years. In 1990, he decided to leave Los Musicales and start his own band, Grupo Rio. EMI Latin picked up Emilio and released his self-titled debut album that year. In 1991 Emilio then released a quick succession of albums starting with "Sensaciones", "Unsung Highways" and "Shoot It' and agreed to include at least one country song on each of his new albums.

By 1992, Emilio had cut his "Emilio Live" album and was gaining popularity in both the Tejano and Country music scenes. In 1993, he released "Southern Exposure" and in 1994 "Sound Life" was released. Emilio released his most popular album "Life is Good" in 1995. This was his first cross-over country album.

He started gaining the attention of many great artists including Alan Jackson who liked Emilio's music so much that he asked him to open for his 1996 tour.

In 2000, Emilio changed record labels and released his first CD, "El Rey Del Rodeo", on BMG U.S. Latin. Emilio Navaira continues to make his mark in Tejano and Country music.