The Epiphone Emily the Strange guitar is taking the world by storm! Recently featured in the December issue of Good Press, one of Japan's premier magazines, the guitar featuring the 13-year-old "anti-cool" girl created on the internet by the Cosmic Debris company is proving to be popular on a worldwide level.

"Epiphone has made many special guitars, from Dale Earnhardt to the Hard Rock Café to Heineken, but Emily the Strange is by far the most complex, with full-body graphics and custom knobs and inlays," said Jim "Epi" Rosenberg, president of Epiphone. "As all of Emily's fans know, she's very hard to please, and we're glad to have her in the Epi family."

The body of the Emily the Strange guitar is an Epiphone G-310, with the pointed horns of Gibson's classic SG style. Emily's mischievous face peers out from a spooky, swirling crimson, white and black graphic that includes her favorite saying, "People Are Strange." Sabbath, one of Emily's four cats, also appears on the body of the guitar, and a pair of cat's eyes are inlaid in pearl on the fingerboard at the 12th fret. The swirling motif repeats on the headstock, which also sports "Emily the Strange" on the truss rod cover.

The guitar is equipped with a pair of powerful open-coil humbucking pickups (with black coils) and a black pickguard. It comes with a custom gigbag and strap, both of which have Emily the Strange graphics.

The Epiphone Limited Edition Emily the Strange G-310 is now available through Epiphone's dealer network and in specialty retail stores that carry Emily the Strange merchandise.

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