McNeil's Music Exchange was founded in October of 1987 by Prentice and Rhonda McNeil. Prentice was studying chemical engineering at McNeese State University when one day he asked himself why am I doing something that I hate for four years to be something that I hate for the rest of my life? Feeling led by a higher power, Prentice walked away from his scholastic scholarship to pursue his passion for music retail and his new bride. He dropped out of school, married Rhonda and went to work at his father's music store. There he learned the finer points of the musical instrument business until the opening of this store in 1987.

The store started out as a used and vintage guitar shop with a good amount of consignment business. McNeil's also did and still does a large amount of church P.A. service work and installation. Within the next few years, they were able to pick up major instrument lines, including their mainstay brand of instruments, Epiphone and the new Epiphone Elitist line. They currently stock over 100 new Epiphones and this year will increase to over 150 units in stock at all times.

A powerhouse for Epiphone goodwill, D'Ryan Green, previously a pro musician and now the store manager originally came on board to do floor sales and teach guitar lessons in 1998. He still maintains a heavy load of dedicated students and Epiphone fans to this day. D'Ryan is also an Epiphone Certified Expert, trained at Epiphone world headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. "If I'm working my tail off teaching them lessons and running the store, why waste my time and theirs with inferior instruments. They pay me for 30 minute lessons, not 30 minute set-ups on bad guitars."

Prentice is passionate about the relationship between the store's success and Epiphone. "Our customers keep asking for Epiphone because it is hands down the greatest value in the guitar market today and we have been very blessed by having Epiphone in our store. You'll notice the few non-Epiphone's (Fender's) we have were traded in on new Epiphones and Epiphone Elitists!"

McNeil's music Exchange is also an Epiphone signature dealer, stocking great artist models from the Jack Casady Bass to the Joe Pass Emperor II, as well as the John Lee Hooker USA Sheratons and more!

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Receiving the Featured Dealer Award from Epi Representative Will Jones (left) are Prentice McNeil (center) and D'Ryan Green (right).