So what's it like to work on guitars for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Ask Epiphone specialist, Steve Miller! In the past 6 years he has done set-ups and mod's for a virtual who's-who list of players including Joe Perry, Ace Frehley, David Bowie, Steve Earle, Wayne Static and Nick Valensi just to name a few.

Steve came to us in August of 1996 after a short stint as a recording engineer in a major Nashville studio. Starting out as a guitar inspector, Steve's talent was soon recognized and he quickly moved to the position he is currently in. A fun gig to say the least but also one which can be somewhat stressful. Steve explains, "I remember the first artist project I was handed. It was a Wednesday, my first day in this position and an order came through for the Foo Fighters....and they needed the guitar for a performance Saturday night on NBC's Saturday Night Live! Needless to say I was pretty intimidated but it worked out great and was quite a trip to see the guitar being played on live, National TV just three days later."

Steve also has a hand in development of Artist Signature models and does much of the "tweaking" and "re-fining" of these instruments before the public sees them. Working closely with Epiphone's R&D department and the artists themselves is a perk of the job. Steve continues, "I love my job and enjoy the personal rewards of seeing guitars I've worked on in the hands of great players."

Talented and dedicated people like Steve are what make Epiphone the great guitar company it is.