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"This sleek little guitar is a great choice for anyone looking for a rockin'-style instrument without the bulk" - Guitar & Bass (UK) July 2004

"We could hardly tear ourselves from the rhythm mode for muted, acoustic-style damping, sweet highs and twangy surfy bass; a setting so warm you could huddle around it at festivals." - Guitar & Bass (UK) July 2004

"...we're adding this guitar to the goddamn-we-wish-we-didn't-have-to-give-this-back list." - Guitar & Bass (UK) July 2004

"A working musician these days is likely to be conversant with rock, blues, country, swing, rockabilly, jazz, hip-hop, and music that incorporates any combination thereof. The AlleyKat's sonic potential, from acoustic mellowness to full-throated rock roar, makes it equally at home in any of these musical situations." - Michael Ross GuitarOne Magazine November 2000

"...the best semi we can remember coming through the mag for years and is without a doubt one of the guitars of the year."GUITARIST (UK) December 2002

"...the tested model's laminate flamed-maple top, binding, inlays, and Translucent Black finish made it a class act. The finish and fretwork were excellent." - Michael Ross GuitarOne Magazine November 2000

"The AlleyKat's sound has a surprising acoustic quality, given its small, thin body. Normally, this kind of resonance would lead to feedback problems, but this guitar resists feeding back at higher volumes-a mysterious but quite welcome feature. The instrument also puts out the kind of low end one would expect from a full-size, completely hollow jazz box." - Michael Ross GuitarOne Magazine November 2000

"The AlleyKat borrows its master volume-on-the-cutaway bout feature from Gretsch and some 335s from the 70's. This allow you to put the three-way pickup selector switch in the middle, find a favored balance between the bridge and neck pickups, and turn your overall guitar volume up and down without affecting that balance." - Michael Ross GuitarOne Magazine November 2000

"Also innovative is the combination of an "NY" mini-humbucker in the neck and a full-size '57 Classic humbucker in the bridge position." Michael Ross GuitarOne Magazine November 2000

"The mini-humbucker offers plenty of warmth for jazzers, yet retains clarity when cranking the fuzzbox; turn up the amp's treble and gain knobs, however, and you are instantly in biting bluesland. The classic bridge pickup is crisp without lacking lows. On a gig, through a Fender Blues Junior, the AlleyKat excelled at B.B. King-style blues tones and funky jazz licks."Michael Ross GuitarOne Magazine November 2000

"The metal nameplate on the Alleykat's headstock vividly recalls the style of earlier Epiphones. There are other nods to classic design in the semi-hollowbody with its central solid block, set-neck construction, block inlays, cream binding, and jazzy single cutaway." - Michael Ross GuitarOne Magazine November 2000

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