Epiphone, a division of Gibson Guitar, introduces a long-scale baritone guitar that adds beefy, bottom-end tones to the legendary Les Paul model. The new Les Paul Standard Baritone features a 27.75-inch scale length, which is 3 inches longer than a standard Les Paul, and it also debuts a simplified control system and a unique choice of finish colors and graphics.

"The Epi Les Paul Baritone breaks several Les Paul traditions - but in good ways," said Jim "Epi" Rosenberg, president of Epiphone. "Guitarists get a new sound, a new control system and a new look without giving up any of the top-shelf quality that goes with the Epiphone and Les Paul names."

The Epiphone Les Paul Baritone is built on the classic, trademarked solidbody design of Gibson Les Paul. The new model is equipped with single volume and single tone controls for its pair of open-coil Alnico V pickups, with a hot pickup installed in the bridge position. Finishes range from bold Iron Cross and Red Oval graphics to understated Worn Brown, Alpine White and Plain Black. Black hardware and a plain fingerboard set off the finish colors. MSRP: $831

Standard Epiphone and Gibson Les Paul's have a scale-length (the distance from the nut to the saddles) of 24-3/4". The new Epiphone Les Paul Baritone scale length at 27-3/4" is therefore, 3" longer. Baritone guitars are played just like any other electric guitar except that they are generally tuned down 2-1/2 steps to "B" (instead of "E"). Because of this lower tuning, heavier strings are installed. Typical string gauges are 14, 18, 26w, 44w, 56w and 68w. Baritone strings are readily available on-line and at your local music stores. All the major string makers offer them.

The Les Paul has been called by many "the greatest rock and roll guitar of all time". This is largely due to it's seemingly infinite sustain and perfectly voiced rock tone with added bottom-end growl. Many factors create this legendary sound including the glued-in (set) neck, the angled headstock, noise-free humbucking pickups and the combination of hard Maple (for bite) and Mahogany (for warmth). Not to mention, it's mass. (They are heavy but that's one of the reasons they sound so good!) When you add 3" more string length and tune it down, the results can only be likened to Zakk Wylde on steroids making it a great guitar for aggressive rock, thrash and metal players. But like the Les Paul, it's versatile and can also be used in other genres as well. By simply strumming or finger-picking first position "D", "E" or "G" chords, you can add lush and truly unique voicings to your musical performances or recordings. Not to mention, adding the use of a capo (for example on the 5th fret) to get back to standard (or other) "E" tuning but with yet a different voice. "To really appreciate the possibilities of this guitar, you really have to try it." added Rosenberg. "Once you do, your imagination and creativity will do the rest."

Epiphone fretted instruments, amplifiers, strings and accessories are known worldwide for offering the best combination of quality and value. A division of Gibson since 1957, Epiphone is headquartered in Nashville. For more information visit www.epiphone.com.