WOW! What a show! Twice a year the musical instrument industry comes together to display their wares at the NAMM convention. This Summer the gathering took place in Nashville, Tennesse from July 23rd through the 25th and as always, the Epiphone booth got lots of attention! Located on the main floor, convention goers were treated to the cream of the crop in Epiphone.

Authorized Epiphone Dealers, were also invited to a private display area at the Gibson Café, just around the corner from the convention hall to view product in a more quiet and hospitable atmosphere.

Below, Epiphone rep Brad White explains to a Cafe attendee why Epiphone Masterbilt all-solid wood acoustics absolutely blow away the competition.

Back on the NAMM show floor, Epiphone rep Scott Riley goes over the specs of the new Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul, including the warning label regarding possible hearing loss from the inclination to play it too freakin' loud.

Lots of artists and cool people stopped by the booth as well. Here Will Jones, aka Dr. Epiphone, lays the 411 on the Naughty Skool Girls regarding the Emily the Strange guitar, which is sooooo up their alley! Shut up!

On Saturday, Epiphone continued to spread the love with the help of Epi-tattoo girl Rachel Goddard. Hundreds of folks got inked, at least temporarily with the Epiphone "e"....

....even Gibson 's own Karen Robb, Heather Vossburg and Tamisha Bloodworth joined in the fun.

Here Courtney Grimes lends a hand in inking this Les Paul fan.

And saving the best for last….Epiphone artist Jonda signed and "sealed with a kiss" copies of the 2005 Epiphone calendar for crowds of eager NAMM attendees.

Jonda is "Miss October" in the new 2005 calendar, which you can get at your local Epiphone dealer! WOW! To find an authorized Epiphone Dealer near you....CLICK HERE!

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