In celebration of John Lennon’s birthday (Oct. 9), Epiphone has teamed with eBay to auction a set of limited-edition reissues of Lennon’s Epiphone Casino. The sale of the “1965” and “Revolution” models kicks off a series of worldwide events, including a new exhibit in the John Lennon Museum in Tokyo and an exhibit at the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam.

The Casinos auction opens at 10 am Eastern Time on Saturday, Oct. 9, which would have been Lennon’s 64th birthday. The two guitars are #25 from the original limited run in 1999 and are based on Lennon’s personal 1965 Epiphone Casino. The “1965” model features the original sunburst finish while the “Revolution” model replicates the natural wood of Lennon’s guitar after he stripped the finish off. A percentage of the proceeds from the auction will to benefit directly The John Lennon Scholarship Fund, which is operated by BMI Foundation Inc. To bid, go to and click on the charity auctions or search by seller, User ID “myepiphoneguitar.” The auction closes at 10 am ET on Tuesday, Oct. 19.

In a separate celebration across the globe, Epiphone and Gibson have delivered a collection of Lennon models to be displayed for one year at a special exhibit in the John Lennon Museum in Tokyo. The collection is highlighted by a limited-edition trio of Gibson J-160E guitars that replicate the acoustic/electric model Lennon used throughout his career. The Fab Four model features the original sunburst finish, the Magical Tour model has the pink and purple psychedelic finish that Lennon commissioned an artist to paint on the guitar around 1967, and the Bed-In model has the natural look of Lennon’s guitar after he stripped the finish.

In Amsterdam, Gibson will bring back memories of the “Bed-in for Peace” that Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono created for their honeymoon in 1969. A Gibson John Lennon J-160E Peace model, the current production version, will be on semi-permanent display at the Hilton and available for viewing beginning Oct. 9 in the hotel’s main lobby. A special unveiling by the hotel accompanied by photos of the famous “Bed-in” will be on display for three months and is free to the public.