The history and origin of Bananas at Large is clouded in mystery. Alan Rosen, general manager and partner relays a story along these lines: Back in the sixties, three noted and notorious local musicians opened a small music store in San Francisco with the express specialty of obtaining vintage instruments and supplying them to major touring acts. The underlying motivation for this was that it got them into shows for free! The store bore a sign that simply read “Music”. Customers would usually find the store closed, as the proprietors were either touring with their favorite bands or scouring the back alleys and countryside for sweet vintage gear. These guys earned the nickname of “Bananas”, a term of the day denoting their wackiness, and eventually morphed into “Bananas at Large” which ultimately made its way to the store signage.

Today, Bananas at Large is still rockin’ thanks to one of the original “Bananas” and current owner J.D. Sharp who opened the present incarnation in 1972. In 1987, Sharp moved the store to it's present location and has since built a reputation of having a big store full of prime gear.

Alan Rosen had this to say: “We service everyone from the beginner to the working professional. We service the biggest names in the industry and the beginning musician. And we're not just a musical instrument store. We do professional audio, DJ, lighting, we are an Apple Computer preferred dealer, a full-line professional video store, a projection video shop…we do it all. We also do installation and design of these products as well as artist relations for various companies. Epiphone is the fastest-growing guitar line here at Bananas. Epi's quality and selection is second to none, for the price range and Epiphone has the least warranty issues of any other brand. Our customers appreciate the wide gamut of styles, and selection. The new Masterbilt acoustics rival other guitars we carry that are three times the price. We just got the new Elitist Chet Atkins this morning and we were blown away by its quality and is a sick looking guitar! Bananas is a proud Epiphone and full-line Gibson family dealer and are very excited about the future."

To find out more about Bananas At Large, check out the pictures below and visit them on-line at

The current Bananas features a great looking store front and there's even an Epi Les Paul  Standard Plus greeting you before you get in the door!

A wall of Epiphone electrics including an Elitist Chet Atkins in Sunrise Orange.

Epiphone Solid Body electrics including the Bob Marley Les Paul Special.

Trees full of Epiphone Special-II electrics.

Bananas resident guitar expert and former Dr. Hook guitarist Rik Elswit jams on a Masterbilt EF-500R Fingerstyle model as Martin’s and Taylor’s look on with envy.

Bananas General Manager Alan Rosen receives the Featured Dealer Award from Epiphone's Will Jones/Dr. Epiphone.

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