Tina's Guitars may be tiny in size, but it does GIANT Epiphone business, especially with the the Elitist line! "We have done really well with the Epiphone Elitist products. They are an amazing value, folks are blown away by the quality" -says store owner Chris Cojeen, "we used to deal primarily in vintage instruments, but now also really enjoy selling new guitars, mostly Epiphone and the Elitist line."

The store was established in 1987 and has served the university of Oklahoma community since that time. The store is adjacent to the university, and sits amid numerous clubs that features live entertainment. "We frequently open the store late, to bands traveling through the area" -says store owner Chris Cojeen.

Owner Amy Cojeen shows off the new Epiphone neon sign.


Counter area filled with Epi's!


A Tina's customer checks out an Epiphone DOT.


 A wall of Epiphone guitars.


Tina's owner Chris Cojeen (right) accepts the Featured Dealer award.