Sight and Sound Music Center of Muncie, Indiana was opened in 1993 by its founder Jason Struble. Jason had already built a successful sound and lighting production company in the area, when he discovered that the area needed a viable full line store. Initially stocking his store with any guitars he could get his hands on, he soon acquired the Gibson and Epiphone lines and his business began to grow rapidly.

In 1999 , the internet sales division of Sight and Sound Music Center was launched as World Music Supply. Jason enthusiastically explains, "Our research indicated that there were issues with other sites that we felt like we could improve upon. We found that a lot of people don't like the anonymity found with internet auctions and other dotcom's where dealers want your credit card number but not a conversation. We decided we would build this area of our business with the idea of having the closest possible thing to face to face service and not the typical  impersonal shopping experience. One of the ways we do this is by offering toll-free support, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And not the typical 24 hour service where you are forwarded to a generic phone-farm in some industrial park so you can talk to an operator that dons't know which end of the guitar to hold. Our staff members are musicians and gear-heads with experience and product knowledge....they are players. The site also features lots of cool free stuff like product forums, message boards, articles and informative content. You can even read and write reviews of products we carry."

Struble is passionate about his relationship with Epiphone as well. "Epiphone is an awesome line of instruments! The products are very competitive in price-point, quality and features. Epiphone is our number one selling brand for that very reason.. It's a pleasure to deal with Epiphone because of the quality level. We have very few warranty issues and let me tell you, the best service we can offer our customers is to sell them a product that doesn't need service."

Sight and Sound Music Center / World Music Supply is also an Epiphone Signature Dealer offering signature instruments such as the John Connolly Les Paul Custom and the Vince Hornsby Signature LP Bass from Sevendust, as well as the new Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul and more.

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Pictured (l-r) are Jason Struble-owner, Chuck Brooks-manager and Epi's Will Jones.