Gary Hedges has been with Epiphone for three years now. As Shipping Team Leader in the Epiphone Distribution Center, Gary is the "go-to" guy and ultimately responsible for shipping of all Domestic orders.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio where he worked for mega dealer Guitar Center, Gary made a move to Nashville with a friend  after a band break-up in 2002 but found some initial resistance to getting hired in the Nashville area. Gary explains, "You know when I first came to Nashville I would go on interviews and tell people I was a musician. I didnt realize until later that telling people that was causing me to not be hired! There's a stereo-type here, and rightfully so. I've worked with a lot of musicians at other places and its true that a lot of them are lazy. That's what's cool about Gibson and Epiphone.  We don't have that here. It's cool because you're proud to say you work for Epiphone. Gibson has so much clout, especially in this city's real motivating and provides a great environment to work in.

In his spare time Gary fronts "Thousand Fold", contributing lead vocals and rhythm guitar to the hard rock ensemble, sighting Epiphone Endorsees Sevendust as a major influence.

People like Gary are what make Epiphone the great guitar company it is.